Getting started

  1. You contact Sunlight expressing interest in opening an account with Sunlight – Click on Contact above.
  2. Sunlight will send your its Brochure to review along with Advisory Agreement to sign. If all acceptable – you sign the agreement and you are good to go.
  3. Next, you will get an email invitation to open an Account with Interactive Broker with Sunlight Investments assigned as the managing Advisor on the account.
  4. You provide the needed documentation to open the Interactive Broker account. Sunlight will assist you.
  5. Once your IB account is opened, you add funds to it and Sunlight will start investing for you.

After the account is open

  • You fund your account with your initial investment funds.
  • Sunlight will start investing your money by buying/selling select stocks.
  • Sunlight only can decide what to buy, when to buy any stock and when to sell it.
  • You can go on-line anytime and see exactly what you have in your account and how much you have in total.
  • You can put money anytime you want – wire, check, …etc. Sunlight will be notified that new money has been added.
  • To take money out, you can do that anytime you want but you need to inform Sunlight so the money is made available. You can take your money usually in 2-3 days.